Thursday, September 2, 2010

I don't quite understand the phrase "down to earth." When people say someone is down to earth, do they mean they are a realist and aren't clouded by metaphysical or religious beliefs or is it that they simply aren't pretentious? Nonetheless, I've yet to see somebody use the phrase in the correct context.


  1. Down to earth generally implies an unpretentious mindset. It doesn't have affiliation in my experience with religious belief. One could be of metaphysical inclination yet still be a very grounded and self-aware person. In fact, some of the most grounded people I know are spiritually inclined.

  2. Down to earth refers to someone being grounded, tangible, real, natural. The planet doesnt care what its inhabitants think of it, at the same time it's not always raining or arid. It's fair. This too aplies to a person when the saying is used, it's refering to the fact the person might be rough but real and fair. This is opposed to someone who is pretentious and only out for themselves.